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Innovations in Digital Trade Agreements: The Sequel

Thursday July 16, 11:00AM - Noon EDT


- Sabina Ciofu, Head of EU and Trade Policy, techUK

- Sam duPont, Deputy Director, Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative, German Marshall Fund (former Director, Digital Trade, Office of the US Trade Representative)

- Nigel Cory, Associate Director, Trade Policy, Information and Technology Innovation Foundation (and former Australian trade official)

Recording of A Discussion with Denmark’s Deputy Tech Ambassador

Featuring Mikael Ekman, Denmark’s Deputy Tech Ambassador

Recent publications:

Your personal data is being used to fight COVID-19, but the data market needs transparency

By Susan Aaronson & Patrick Leblond (The Hill, Apr. 20, 2020)

Data Is Dangerous: Comparing the Risks That the United States, Canada and Germany See in Data Troves Opens in a new window

By Susan Ariel Aaronson (CIGI, Apr. 15, 2020)By Susan Aaronson & Patrick Leblond (The Hill, Apr. 20, 2020)

How should we think about data?

We have little information about what data firms collect, how these firms use or sell our data, or how they mix various data types. If we want these markets to operate more equitably and efficiently, policymakers must focus on the governance of data.

What do we do?

We provide resources, training, events, and evidence-based research to help stakeholders understand data governance and digital trade.

Wondering who we are?

We are a team with a diverse background in international trade, economics, public policy, and communication.

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