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Today, researchers and firms use insights gleaned from analysis of large data sets to create new goods and services (a data-driven economy). Nations will need to develop new rules to govern the use of that data nationally and internationally. But given different national norms regarding data and the rapid pace of data-driven technological development, it will not be easy to find common ground on domestically and internationally accepted policies. The Hub works to help stakeholders and policymakers understand digital trade and data governance issues.

Recording of E-Commerce at the WTO Whats Going On?

Watch our first webinar featuring Victor do Prado, Director of Council and Trade Negotiations Committee at the WTO

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How should we think about data?

We have little information about what data firms collect online, how these firms use or sell our data, or how they mix various data types. If we want these markets to operate more equitably and efficiently, policymakers must focus on the governance of data.

What do we do?

We provide resources, training, events, and evidence-based research to help stakeholders understand data governance and digital trade.

Wondering who we are?

We are a team with a diverse background in international trade, economics, public policy, and communication.

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