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Data governance in developing and middle-income countries —Visualization Overview

What are we trying to show with this data visualization?

We designed this data visualization to provide some understanding of whether developing and middle-income nations are ready to govern data and data-driven services. 

What metrics are we using? 

We focused first on the World Economic Forum’s Global Human Capital Report Sub-index, which allows us to assess if the country has citizens and policymakers with 'know-how' to innovate with data and develop new services.

Secondly, we focused on governance using the World Bank's Regulatory Governance score to assess if the country governs in an effective and accountable manner.

We then utilized the World Bank’s Indicator of Statistical Capacity, which relates to the ability of the government to monitor its operations, the economy, and its people. 

Finally, we utilized the Open Data Index Score to provide us with some understanding of whether the nation has open data, how it shares some  of that data, and if it is easy for firms and individuals to use such data in computer applications such as AI.

This data visualization focuses on only some of the metrics we used to assess developing country readiness for the new data-driven economy. For a fuller understanding, read Data as a Development Issue

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